Nestled at the heart of beautiful Huntington Village, Long Island- we invite you to visit one of our landmark PHOUNTAIN franchise locations where you can spend the best hours of your life exploring the many ways of upgrading to that Proactive Lifestyle! Enjoy the after-glow of detoxing in one of our many rejuvenating health services while you sample the best tasting super-food smoothies and greens in the world. Then hydrate and cleanse with Phountain's own alkaline water for the perfect combination of improved energy, circulation, digestion and weight loss support. Phountain covers all the MAJOR bases to bring out the BEST YOU! Recognized for supporting the holistic health movement, Phountain stores have also become a central community hub for health minded super-people where you're guaranteed meet new friends with the world of wellness in common each time you visit!

Five years and 7 central stores later, Glenn Taylor's brainchild is stronger than ever as the pop-wellness retail chain called PHOUNTAIN has become nothing short of a home for many thousands of wellness subscribers. Taylor sparked the movement that brought us "a complete alkaline lifestyle" in the Long Island community. Today, the majority of our residents have embraced the Phountain way of life perhaps because of the predominant population who now regard anti-aging as a pain-free path to living. (see complete article)


346B New York Ave.
Huntington Village, NY 11743
(Huntington Village direct line)
Mon-Fri: 10-8  |  Sat: 10-8
Sun: 11-6
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